About GoSolar.LA



GoSolar.LA is a regional program to streamline and accelerate solar adoption in greater Los Angeles. Participants receive access to up-to-date information about federal, state and local solar rebates and incentives; an interactive LA County solar map; a screening process to pre-qualify solar contractors and financing providers; and pre-negotiated group purchasing discounts.

GoSolar.LA provides discounted pricing on solar installations and a network of pre-qualified contractors.

Affordable financing options available through the program include low-interest loans, zero-down leases, power purchase agreements (PPA’s), and rooftop rental programs.

Submit your solar project and receive a free consultation to evaluate solar options for your property.

GoSolar.LA is a service of Open Neighborhoods, provider of the leading solar group-purchasing program in greater LA.  Open Neighborhoods has been recognized for offering the lowest cost residential solar in the state of California, and has been successful in reducing procurement costs through residential and commercial project aggregation.

For more information visit: www.openneighborhoods.net.

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