City of Santa Monica Fights for Green Power

Santa Monica calls out state board’s ‘stealth attempt’ to delay renewable energy choices

Santa Monica has been building momentum on a plan to shift the city’s electricity use to renewable energy sources — an effort that picked up speed last month when City Council members voted to plug into Los Angeles County’s new, government-run alternative energy utility.

But just days after Santa Monica signed on, the California Public Utilities Commission began pumping the brakes, proposing new rules to slow the rapid defection of electric consumers statewide from investor-owned utilities to public power programs.

Santa Monica cried foul, with Councilman Kevin McKeown blasting the CPUC for releasing its draft resolution for public comment over the holidays.

In a written statement days before Christmas, McKeown said the agency’s move appeared to be a “stealth attempt by investor-owned utilities” to hold up the public power movement.

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