Condo Homeowners Break the Trend and Move with the Times

Homeowners associations are not viewed as the world’s most flexible institutions, often taking many years longer than even the most tight-fisted company before making changes. But not so with Remington Post, one of Boulder, Colorado’s largest and most established condominium communities, which has voted forward Phase 1 of a solar-powered electricity system on its 17-acre campus.

While the logic of the decision included environmental goals, as can be expected from any renewable energy installation, the promise of significant and long-term cost savings for residents was another important bonus for the condo association.

“Our challenge was to find a provider capable of adding solar at this scale,” said Jason Potter, Remington Post HOA president. “When we settled on Syndicated Solar, Inc., to provide the turnkey installation, we made a big step in pursuing the green lifestyle our homeowners prefer. Completion of Phase 1 confirms the wisdom of our decision to go with this firm.”

Remington Post faced several challenges in finding just the right sort of solar power solution for such a large complex and so many residents.

“We almost gave up,” said Barney Moran, Manager at Remington. “Many people think getting a solar installation up and running is easy, and it may be for a single family home. But not for a large HOA. Fortunately, Syndicated Solar had the depth of understanding, know-how, and tenacity to help us make our rooftop solar project a reality.”

Rooftop Solar Phase 1 provides solar arrays on four of Remington Post’s 12 residence flat roofs and two of its carport roofs. Together, these arrays will generate over 100 kW of electricity, and are designed to provide the community with electricity at a fixed rate for the next 20 years, and probably far beyond. Based on historical Xcel Energy’s rate increases, the Remington Community anticipates energy savings of well over $300,000 in that 20-year time period alone.

“And this is much more than dollar savings,” Moran said. “This solar installation provides a cushion against higher electric utility costs, and it sends a positive, green message to both the Remington Community and our larger Boulder public. We’re demonstrating to other communities what this technology can achieve.”

Justin Pentelute, CEO of Syndicated Solar Inc., saw Remington Post’s Rooftop Solar Project as an opportunity to maximize the solar potential of the campus and its buildings: ”We knew that when we structured the system and the financing correctly, the owners would get their long-awaited solar project underway. Now we’re looking forward to beginning Phase 2 as soon as possible.”

Source: Syndicated Solar via PR Newswire
Image Source: Remington Post


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