Home Solar Loans Are Changing a how People Go Solar

mosaic, solar loans
Mosaic’s new home solar loan offering is the last piece to the puzzle for a complete solar finance ecosystem for homeowners.

As the price of installed solar power has dropped precipitously over the past 5 years from $10/watt down to around $3/watt, solar enthusiasts and more recent converts have decided to “go solar.”

Residential solar installations in the past required a large upfront investment by the homeowner since financing in the past was largely unavailable.

The price of a solar system ends up being for the average American similar to the price of a car; the price range can vary dramatically but for most people will fall in between $5,000 – $20,000.

The difference between the purchase of a car and a solar system is that the purchase of a solar system is a long-term financial investment that makes you money.

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