LADWP Opens New Solar Feed-in-Tariff Program for Applications on February 1

ladwp-solar-feed-in-tariff_[1]The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power today announced it is accepting applications beginning on February 1, 2013 for the first 20 megawatts of its new solar buyback program, a 100 megawatt “feed-in tariff” solar power purchase. The application period will remain open through June 28, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.

LADWP is accepting applications for solar projects ranging in size from 30 kilowatts to 3 megawatts and will be awarding power purchase agreements on a first-come, first-served basis.

Property owners can request a free solar assessment by registering at GoSolar.LA/assessment or calling (310) 893-3100.

During the first five business days of the application period, all submitted applications will be prioritized on the FiT Reservation List by lottery. Applications received after the first five business days will be date and time stamped. Applications will be confirmed based on the priority of the FiT Reservation List for up to 20 megawatts. LADWP will enter into a standard 20-year contract for each project and purchase the solar power at a set price, starting at 17 cents per kilowatt-hour for the first 20 megawatts.

LADWP will offer the first 20 megawatt allocation of solar power capacity during the first half of 2013. Subsequent 20 megawatt allocations will be made available every six months through 2016 until the full 100 megawatts are subscribed. The price will decline according to a tiered price structure that caps the amount of power that can be reserved at each price. When each tier reaches its limit of reserve capacity, the price will be reduced by 1 cent per kWh and fall to the next tier.

Visit GoSolar.LA/ladwp-feed-in-tariff for more information about program.

The Board of Water and Power Commissioners approved the 100 megawatt FiT Set Pricing Program as the first component of a 150 megawatt FiT Program earlier this month. The FiT Set Pricing Program will allow customers, solar companies and other third parties to develop solar or other eligible renewable energy projects within LADWP’s service area and sell the power to the Department at a set price for distribution on the City’s power grid. A proposal for the additional 50 MW FiT Program will be discussed with the Board in March, rounding out the full 150 MW FiT program.

For more information visit the LADWP website at, call the LADWP Feed-in Tariff Program hotline at (213) 367-2100 or email

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