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L.A. must replace 70 percent of its current energy supply over the next 15 years. The city faces a choice: new fossil fuel plants that will lock Angelenos into dirty power for decades, or a forward-thinking commitment to a clean energy future.


The Environment California Research and Policy Center is seeking personal narratives from Los Angeles residents who have chosen solar panels for their homes, businesses, or community buildings.

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Environment California is bringing together a collection of stories from people in Los Angeles representing a variety of professions, ages, and neighborhoods. The stories will explore people’s motivations for going solar, their experiences, and their hopes for the future.

The stories are being compiled into a final report that will be released with a series of community meetings in late November 2013 to build excitement around solar power in Los Angeles and help policymakers realize that solar energy is important to all Angelenos.

Here’s how you can participate:

If you have been involved in a solar energy installation at your home, business or community organization, simply share some basic information about your location and solar installation, along with an indication of your interest in being interviewed for 20-25 minutes about your experiences with solar energy. Submit your solar story.


Right now, California’s largest city gets most of its electricity from coal and natural gas. L.A.’s fossil fuel plants contribute to global warming, exacerbating extreme weather like wildfires and droughts. They consume huge amounts of fresh water and produce smog-forming pollution that clouds L.A.’s skies and threatens people’s health.

Instead of relying on fossil fuels, L.A. should make the most of its world-famous sunshine. As anyone who has flown into LAX knows, the city’s homes, schools, businesses and warehouses have a staggering amount of empty rooftop space. During the day, the rays of the sun bathe those rooftops in light and virtually endless amounts of energy. By putting solar panels on all those rooftops, L.A. can clean up air pollution, fight global warming and provide thousands of new jobs.

Learn more about solar options for your home or business.

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