Solar Victories for Californians!

State legislators took decisive action on climate change last week with the passage of four new bills that strengthen and expand access to 100% clean energy generated from Californian sunshine.

Congratulations to the thousands of solar supporters throughout the state who called for action from Sacramento!

With a signature from Governor Brown these bills will become law:

  • Shared Solar – Senate Bill 43 will enable thousands of renters and others to go solar and reduce up to 100% of their electric bill by participating in community solar projects and receiving a credit on their electric bill, even if they don’t own a roof on which to install panels. The legislation allots 600 megawatts of clean power to customers of California’s investor-owned utilities.
  • Low Income Solar – Assembly Bill 217 extends until 2021 the successful low-income rooftop solar programs that deliver utility bill savings and solar job opportunities to the disadvantaged communities that need them most.
  • Solar Tax Freedom - Assembly Bill 792 ends the uncertainty over whether local utilities will impose arbitrary user’s tax on clean electricity generated from sunshine.
  • Removal of Solar Caps - Assembly Bill 327 gives the California Public Utilities Commission authority to remove utility caps on participation, and ensures that rooftop solar net metering rights for hundreds of thousands of homes, schools and businesses will stay in place for systems installed through at least 2016 instead of being suspended as soon as next year.

Governor Brown is a proven champion of clean energy and is expected to sign every one of these bills in the next month. Help make it happen by sending the Governor a letter urging him to turn all four bills law as soon as possible.

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