Study: LADWP’s Solar FIT to power 21,000 homes by 2015

In a report issued today by the Director of UCLA’s Luskin Center for Innovation, J.R. DeShazo, LA’s ambitious rooftop solar program is delivering the much promised results they had hoped to see.

As part of the FiT (feed-in-tariff) program, electric power produced by solar rooftop installations on commercial buildings, warehouses and apartment complexes, is sold to back to the LADWP for use by its residential and other business customers.

Using extensive interviews with primary stakeholders, including participating property owners and solar developers, the UCLA researcher team evaluated the program’s initial two phases.

These two phases, representing about 40 megawatts (MW) of solar power, received a total of 256 program applications.

Based on the successful rollout, the UCLA’s team concluded that the “FiT 100″ is right on target to deliver 100 MW of carbon-free energy by 2015 – That’s enough to power more than 21,000 homes annually in the LA area.

FiT Programs Puts Solar on Rooftops

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